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German SLI 2024 - In Person

The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures at the University of Virginia is pleased to offer the German Summer Language Institute. Upon successfully completing this rigorous yet rewarding 8-week near-immersion program, students will receive 12 credits for the first four semesters of elementary- and intermediate-level German language (GERM 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020) and will satisfy the undergraduate language requirement at UVA and many other colleges and universities. This unique experience is known for building positive peer relationships that help and support in meeting the challenge of acquiring intermediate German skills within a brief time frame.

Pedagogy and Philosophy

Besides learning German vocabulary and grammar and intensely practicing the four language skills, writing, reading, listening, and speaking, in daily morning and afternoon sessions, students will also be engaged in German cultural activities such as watching movies and preparing and cooking German dishes at the International Center.

The program aims to have students achieve the intermediate level on the  ACTFL Scale.

Unique Features of the Program

The German SLI features experienced instructors who combine traditional classroom techniques with cultural components to create a stimulating and engaging atmosphere.  We focus on daily conversation and journal writing, enhancing individual self-expression in German.

What students say about German SLI:

"So don’t just pick a language cause it itself is easy. No language is “easy” to learn. It won’t be enough to get through it. Pick a language or culture you actually have a reason to study. The professors are all amazing, and care so much about you and your success in the program."

"The SLI program is amazing for getting your foreign language requirement done with, acing an opportunity to find a language you want to learn and focus exclusively on that, diving into the culture of said country, and giving you an opportunity to learn something you have an interest in."

Required Textbook:

Robert Di Donato; Monica Clyde. Deutsch: Na klar! An Introductory German Course (Student Edition) 8th Edition. McGraw-Hill Education

Eight weeks – Tentative Daily schedule:

The program offers morning and afternoon sessions, weekly movie screenings, and bi-weekly visits to the International Center.

Morning 9:00-11:30  

Afternoon 12:15-2:45 

Evening 3:00-5:30   

Check all the available options before applying 

Students are strongly encouraged to register for the full 8-week program and complete the intermediate level. The option to apply for either the first or second half is also available. The table below provides information on the available options.

Application Options  



Language Level  

Full Program  (8 weeks)

June 17 – August 9  

12 credits  

Intensive Elementary and Intermediate  

(GERM 1016, 1026, 2016, 2026 - 2 years of language) 

First Half  (4 weeks)

June 17 – July 13 

6 credits  

Intensive Elementary  (GERM 1016 and GERM 1026 - 1 year of language) 

Second Half  (4 weeks) 

July 15 – August 9  

6 credits 

Intensive Intermediate (GERM 2016 and GERM 2026 - 1 year of language) 

2024 Costs

Students in all SLI programs, including the non-credit option, must pay the Institute Fee of $60.00 and the Comprehensive Fee. See Summer Session Housing for information on housing costs. See Dining for Information on meal plans.

  Virginia Resident Non-Virginia Resident

Required Fees

       Institute Fee 

       Comprehensive Fee







Undergraduate Student Tuition $456 x credit hour $1,685 x credit hour
Graduate Student Tuition $535 x credit hour $1,084 x credit hour
Non-Credit Study Option Tuition $5,472 $5,472

Please note that graduate-level tuition applies to current UVA students who will graduate in May, before the start of the SLI.

Contact Information: 

Department of German Languages and Literatures
Director: Stefanie Parker
Medieval German literature, German pedagogy
New Cabell Hall
(434) 987-3382