UVA Advance Terms of Understanding

Terms of Understanding for Parents and UVA Advance Summer Session Students Summer Session

High School students at the University of Virginia are subject to the University’s academic, financial, and non-academic rules and regulations. These regulations may be changed at any time by the appropriate authority. The University reserves the right to suspend, enforce the withdrawal of, or expel a student whose academic work is unsatisfactory or who violates the University's standards of conduct or other regulations. Since most of our summer high school students are under eighteen (and since our advisory services and support staff are intended to serve college-age students), we insist that parents review University of Virginia regulations with their children so that both parents and students are aware of those policies designed to protect students and to guide their behavior. Students will not be directly supervised by UVA Advance staff at all times. We will provide advisory services and support staff for students; however, we remind parents that we cannot protect students against every risk. Like most public universities the University of Virginia’s Grounds generally are open to the public and otherwise unrestricted. Students must take adequate responsibility for their own behavior and safety.  


Students must be in their residence hall for the night no later than 10:00 pm.  

Leaving Grounds

When leaving Grounds, students should notify and “Sign out” with the Residence Advisor. Special permission is required for extended/overnight leaves.  

Use of alcohol and tobacco is illegal and strictly prohibited.   Students are expected by abide by the University of Virginia Standards of Conduct at all times. Failure to follow these policies will result in removal from UVA Advance without refund.