Art and War

Daniel Weiss
Course #
ARTH 1500
Online Course?
CLAS Course
Days of the Week
Session III
Course Dates
July 18 to August 11
Course Times
10:30 am to 12:45 pm

This course examines the theme of warfare in the visual arts through time and across the globe. We will be looking at works commissioned by governments and individuals, and some created by those, literally, in the trenches. Historical/political context, iconography, style, and geography are intensely examined as they relate to themes such as propaganda, resistance, and narrative. Central to this course is the question of how one depicts intangibles of horror, the sublime, heroism, etc. Students will be expected to apply these themes to objects outside of those covered in the course, thoroughly researching, reporting, and responding to inquiries presented by the instructor and the rest of the class. Ideas and problems will be discussed daily in a seminar environment.