Tuition and Fees 2023

All students who undertake any form of academic study within the University are required to pay the comprehensive fee in addition to tuition. Payment of the comprehensive is due in full by May 22, 2023, or five days after course registration, whichever is later. The comprehensive fee will not be refunded once Summer Session classes begin regardless of which session students are enrolled in because it enables students to utilize University resources regardless of their class session. Tuition for each session is due by the third day classes meet.

Financial Aid is available for Summer Session. Follow the financial aid link above or contact the Financial Aid Office directly for additional information.

In State Tuition - Virginia Residents

Virginian undergraduate student - per credit $443
Virginian graduate student - per credit $509
Comprehensive Fee   $438

Out of State Tuition - Non-Virginia Residents

Non-Virginian undergraduate student - per credit $1625
Non-Virginian graduate student - per credit $1032
Comprehensive Fee  $498

Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Program

Virginian  - per credit $888
Non-Virginian  - per credit $1,512

Other - K-12 Educators Per Credit Hour

If you are eligible for the K-12 tuition rate please complete this form before registering in SIS.


Virginian graduate student - per credit $465
Non-Virginian graduate student - per credit $880
Virginian Comprehensive Fee $438
Non-Virginian Comprehensive Fee $498

Research Only

Research tied to the completion of a thesis or dissertation is eligible for the research only rate. This does not include independent study research courses.




Research Only (part-time, per research credit hour)



Research Only (full time load per summer)



Research Only (full time load per summer) Architecture



Summer Language Institute Fee


Continuous Enrollment Fee



Off-Grounds Fee For Special Academic Programs

$9 per credit hour

UVA Faculty & Staff

Full-time regular session faculty
Full tuition - no fee
Full-time staff
Full tuition - no fee
Full time staff who are Virginia residents and have been employed at UVa for at least a year may be eligible for an educational benefit. For additional information view