Summer Session 2016 Review


Summer Session 2016

  • Unique student enrollment (head count) totaled 3,924 students in credit-bearing classes, a .8% decrease from total enrollment in 2015.
  • Female students comprised 52% of the summer student body – up slightly from 2015.
  • The majority of students enrolled in credit-bearing courses were enrolled in a degree program at the University, 91%.
  • The number of visiting students rose by 5% from the number of visiting students in 2015. This is the third year of growth in the visiting student population.
  • Virginia residents made up 72% of undergraduate students in credit-bearing courses.
  • International students comprised 11% of the summer student body.
  • Students self-reported racial/ethic background included:
    • African American students 8.6% (up from 8.2%)
    • Asian American students 9.5% (up from 9%)
    • Hispanic students 5.8% (down from 8%)
    • Multi-race students 3.8% (down from 4%).
  • Session III was again the most popular session with course enrollments of 1,407.

According to the Office of Institutional Assessment, 53% of the students who took a four-year degree in 2015-16 enrolled in at least one U.Va. Summer Session course during their undergraduate studies.  Just over 4% of students graduating with a four-year degree in 2015-16 started their university careers in Summer Session. Seventy-two percent of transfer students who graduated in 2015-16 completed at least one Summer Session or January Term course.

Ninety percent of students who completed an online course evaluation rated their overall experience positively, and 91.4% indicated that they learned a great deal in their courses. Once again, students cited fulfilling a requirement as the most important reason for enrolling in Summer Session. The completion rate for online course evaluations topped 50%.