Second (Elective) Course Options for UVa Advance 2017

This list is subject to change. Spaces are limited in each class, and every effort will be made to accommodate students' course preferences.

Course Number          Course Title  
AMST 2001 Introduction to American Studies
ANTH 1050 Anthropology of Globalization
ANTH 2557 Culture Through Films
ANTH 2800 Introduction to Archaeology
ARTH 2273 Disneyland
ASTR 1220 Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
CLAS 2040 Greek Mythology
DANC 1400 The Art of Dance
DRAM 1010 How Theatre Works
DRAM 2010 Theatre Art: Image to Form
ECON 2010 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
ENWR 2700 Introduction to Newswriting
MUSI 1010 Introduction to Music
PHIL 1510 Understanding Free Will
PHIL 1510 Ethics and Technology
PHIL 1510 Knowledge, Belief & Rationality
PLCP 2600 Rise & Fall of the Soviet Union
PSYC 2600 Introduction to Social Psychology
RELG 2559 Thomas Jefferson, the First Amendment and Religion
SLAV 2360 Dracula
Varies Undergraduate Research in a Lab (A three-credit research option for students who seek research experience)