Information for Admitted Students 2023

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                                                      SLI Admission Packet 2023 

Registration Process 

Our office will complete the registration on behalf of all admitted SLI students by the end of May. 

UVA students 

To verify that the registration has been completed correctly, log in to the Student Information System the week before classes begin. 

Non-UVA students 

Visiting students should use the link below to create or reset a UVA password. This step will give all Non-UVA students the NetBadge needed to access the UVA resources.

Course Rubric, Numbering, and Credits 

Course mnemonics for SLI courses are as follows: 

  • ARAB – Arabic 

  • CHIN – Chinese 

  • FREN – French 

  • GERM - German  

  • LATI – Latin 

  • RUSS – Russian 

  • SPAN - Spanish 

When viewing SLI course numbers in the online catalog or student record, there are different numbers based on if the course is credit-bearing or not. 

Students Registered for credits 

All language credit courses offered by the SLI will have these numbers: 1016, 1026, 2016, and 2026. For example, those participating in French for credit will be registered for FREN 1016, 1026, 2016, and 2026. 

Students participating in the full Institute for credit will be registered for 4 courses, 3 credits per course, for a total of 12 credits. 

For Chinese and Arabic SLI, students enrolled will be registered for 2 courses, 4 credits per course. 

Students Registered for the non-credit option 

The non-credit SLI language courses will have these numbers: 0116, 0126, 0216, and 0226. For example, those participating in the French non-credit courses will be registered for FREN 0116, 0126, 0216, and 0226.  

Students electing the non-credit option will be registered for 4 courses, zero credits per course. 

For Chinese and Arabic SLI, students will be registered for 2 courses, zero credits per course. 

Class Schedule 

The class times listed in the course catalog DO NOT correspond to actual class times. SLI courses meet in the morning and afternoon throughout the eight weeks. Check the daily schedule on the SLI website. 

Tuition and Fees  

Immediately upon registration, all students will receive an email from Student Financial Services with instructions on completing the online tuition payment. 

Payment must be made in full on or before the third day of SLI classes. All major cards are accepted except for Visa. You may choose to pay with an e-check to avoid credit card transaction fees. Instructions choose to pay with an e-check to avoid credit card transaction fees. Instructions for payment options will be included in the email from Student Financial Services. Check fees on the SLI website. 

Making Changes to your Registration Status 

If your plans change, and you are unable to attend the SLI, please inform the Office of Summer and Special Academic Programs immediately so that we can offer your spot to the next applicant on the waitlist. Participants must cancel the registration without financial penalty until the second day of classes. Even if you don’t attend any SLI classes, you will be billed tuition for all days missed until the day you notify Summer and Special Academic Programs of your intentions to drop the SLI. 

Grading Option  

Our office can also assist you with changes to your grading option until the mid-point of the session (Summer Session II). 

June 30 is the last day to change your grading option for the first half of the SLI (session II). 

July 28 is the deadline for the second half of the SLI (session III).  

Non-credit/Credit Option  

Switching from non-credit to credit is possible until the first day of class. 

Calendar and Schedule 

The SLI 2023 calendar will be updated periodically as needed. Program orientation will be held via Zoom on Saturday, June 17. 


2023 SLI Calendar 

Saturday, June 17 1:00 PM Program Orientation by Zoom

Tuesday, June 20



Friday, June 30


Last day to change grading option (1st half)

Tuesday, July 4


Independence Day Holiday (Observed), No Classes

Saturday, July 15


Mid-Term Exam for Some Programs

Monday, July 17 4:30 - 6:00 pm SLI Snackfest (mid-program event)

Friday, July 28


Last day to change grading option (2nd half)

Friday, August 11



General Summer Session Housing

University-affiliated summer housing is limited. In recent years, summer session housing has been offered in double-occupancy bedrooms with shared bathrooms on each floor and a shared kitchen for each building. Online applications for summer session housing can be found on the Housing & Residence Life website when available. If you have questions or need assistance related to summer session housing, contact or 434-924-3736.

Housing & Residence Life will try to assign SLI participants to the same floor in the residence halls. Roommate requests must be mutual and are not guaranteed. You will need to indicate your affiliation with SLI, study language, and your preferred roommate (if applicable) on the summer session housing application.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old to live in summer session housing.

What to Bring if Residing in University Housing

Housing & Residence Life has put together this list of suggestions to help you make informed decisions about what to bring to make your stay in the dorms as comfortable as possible: What to Bring FAQ

Off-Grounds Housing

Students interested in off-Grounds housing options may use the Off-Grounds Property Listing service. UVA does not screen, investigate, endorse, or approve the landlords, their business practices, or the rental properties listed on this website.

Other Services  

University of Virginia Summer Session students have access to an array of additional services, including athletic facilities, libraries, and student health. For more information on student services and activities, visit  

Access to many UVA facilities and services requires a university ID card.  

The ID Office issues ID cards at 525 McCormick Rd, first floor. You must bring a government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport or military ID). 

You should stop by the card office after you arrive on Grounds. Please remember that you will need a university ID card to access your meal plan if you signed up for one.  

A Word on the Weather and Charlottesville 

Charlottesville is quite hot in the summer, and the atmosphere in the SLI is casual, so we urge you to bring light clothing. A bicycle can be very useful for getting around town. We hope you find time to take an occasional short break from the intensity of your language study to explore what Charlottesville has to offer. The surrounding countryside includes some of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States, and the area is home to many historical landmarks. 

We look forward to having you join us for a rewarding summer!