Soundscapes of Restoration

Matthew Burtner
Course #
ETP 3559/EVSC 5559
Online Course?
Days of the Week
Session III
Course Dates
July 18 to August 11

The class will spend one week at the VCR on the Virginia coast. Students unable to travel for that portion of the class (if they need to stay in Charlottesville for example) will be able to Zoom meet with us. B011 OCH will also support Zoom + in-person class so students who wish to take this class but are unable to be in Charlottesville will be able to attend the entire class on Zoom and do projects outdoors wherever they are. However, it is suggested that students attend the field trip at the shore.

The course helps graduate students learn techniques and practice creating original media to support their research projects. Soundscapes of Restoration ties into ongoing research projects at the Virginia Coast Reserve and the Coastal Futures Conservatory. Entered 4.18.2022 JC