Computer Animation - Design in Motion (REMOTE)- CANCELLED

Earl Mark
Course #
ARCH 5422
Online Course?
Days of the Week
Session III
Course Dates
July 18 to August 12
Course Times
10:30 am to 12:45 pm

The course typically appeals to a wide set of disciplines, such student in design, studio art, media studies, moviemaking, computer science, drama, digital music, biology, biomechanical enginering, education, dance and kinesiology. We screen feature length and short animations along with ongoing student work concluding in a 1 to 5 minute final project.   Tutorials include constructing computer models of the built and natural environment, the dynamic simulation of light, air, wind, water, fabric, hair, springs, hinges and other physical phenomenon. They include character rigging and animation as well as inverse kinematics techniques for describing movement. Scripting in a java-like language is used to animate and to generate forms in some exercises. We also will work human movement data capture such as for dance, running and other types of character movement (but not access our Motion Capture Body Suit due to social-distancing this summer). The course counts as a Visualization Elective or Architectural Elective in Architecture., and has been accepted as an Integrative Elective in Computer Science and as a Practice of  Media Approved Course in Media Studies.  The primary technology is  Maya, Autodesk Composite, Motion Builder, and Movie Editing software, licensed free for academic uses. The class will have access to virtual computers with global illumination software V-Ray for Maya for higher performance visualization.