Admission for Visiting Students

Please read the instructions below before completing the application to enroll. Be aware that it can take several business days after you submit your application for a student account to be established for you to enroll in summer courses.

If you plan to enroll for undergraduate study and have not been admitted to an undergraduate degree program at the University, please apply for admission as a visiting student. You must certify that you are a high school graduate or have had equivalent preparation. Undergraduates from other institutions should also apply for admission as a visiting student.

If you hold a bachelor's degree and want to enroll for graduate study, are not in a graduate degree program at this University and do not plan to pursue one here, please apply for admission as a visiting graduate student. If instead you want to begin work toward a graduate degree or other program at this University, you must apply directly to the appropriate graduate school at least two months in advance of Summer Session registration.

University of Virginia students who were not enrolled in a degree program during the Spring 2020 semester, are receiving a degree in May 2020, have been on a leave of absence, have been taking courses through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, or are enrolled in Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program should also complete the University of Virginia Application for Permission to Enroll. If you have a question concerning your status please contact our office.

Admission to the Summer Session does not constitute admission to the University, nor does it allow students to register for the subsequent fall and spring semesters.

Complete the Non-Degree Student form

Senior Citizens
In compliance with the Senior Citizens Higher Education Act, the University offers courses with tuition and required fee waived on a space-available basis. To be eligible, a person must be at least sixty years old and have been legally domiciled in Virginia at least one year before the semester begins, and must gain admission to the University. To qualify as a student for credit, the senior citizen's taxable income (for federal income tax purposes) the year prior to enrollment must not have exceeded $15,000.

There is no income requirement if the senior citizen wants to audit a course offered for credit or to enroll in a non-credit course. No more than three courses per semester may be taken on this basis, but there is no limit to the number of semesters a senior citizen may be enrolled. The senior citizen must receive the permission of the instructor in order to audit the course. More information and the application can be found here.

Visiting Student Information Sessions: (Cancelled)
Learn how to get the most out of your time as a UVA student! 

  • Session II: Sunday, June 9, 3:00 - 4:00 PM in Clark Hall 108 (Cancelled)

  • Session III: Sunday, July 7, 3:00 - 4:00 PM in Clark Hall 108 

Representatives from several of the following offices will share information about the resources they offer.

Summer Session Office
University Bookstore
Student Health
Housing & Residence Life
University Transit Services & Parking
Honor Committee

ID Office (Cancelled)

Located in Observatory Hill Dining Hall at 525 McCormick Road, the ID office, will be open for limited hours of 12:00 to 3:00 PM on June 9th and July 7th for you to obtain your University of Virginia ID card.  To expedite the ID process, submit your photo online in advance of arriving on-Grounds.  A confirmation email (to your UVA email account) will communicate acceptance of the photo or further actions.  You’ll need your UVA ID card for library services, fitness centers and Charlottesville buses.  Be sure to take your government issued photo ID with you (drivers license, passport, etc.).

Admission to the Summer Session does not constitute admission to the University, nor does it allow students to register for the subsequent fall and spring semesters.