Introduction to Performance in Africa

College of Arts & Sciences
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MUSI 2559/3090
Michelle Robin Kisliuk
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This course explores performance in Africa through reading, discussion, audio and video examples, and hands-on practice.  The integration of academic work with the learning of songs, rhythms, and dances is crucial to your overall work in the course.

We will explore African music/dance styles, their sociomusical circumstances and processes, as well as performed resistances and responses to the colonial and post/neo-colonial encounter. In addition, we will address the politics and processes involved in translating performance practices from one cultural context to another. Each student's personal relationship to the material/experience will be integrated into study.

Readings, discussions, and written work will focus heavily on topics and issues related to the main music/dance traditions that we are learning to perform this semester, though we may venture beyond those areas from time to time. The course will explore both "traditional" and "popular" styles, leading us to question those categories.


MUSI 2559B has no prerequisites and is appropriate for non-majors. MUSI 3090 is appropriate for music majors and others who can work at an advanced level.

Session I
Course Dates: 
May 21 to June 16
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1:00 pm to 3:15 pm