Introduction to Ecoacoustics

College of Arts & Sciences
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MUSI 2559/3400
Christopher Matthew Burtner
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Ecoacoustics explores the intersection between ecology and music. In the class we examine the acoustic characteristics of the environment and analyze human-environmental interaction using measurements and observations of the sounding world. Students in this class will create their own ecoacoustic sound works as we study seminal works from the musical and artistic fields of acoustic ecology, sonology, soundscape composition, sonification, earthwork art, and deep listening. We will analyze music by composers who responded to natural phenomena, as well as those practicing ecoacoustic composition.            

 Special focus: performing and composing with natural materials. This summer course will focus in depth on indigenous arts and interactive media for ecoacoustics. We will study examples of ancient instruments such as the Yidaki (didjeridoo) and Maori percussion as examples of human/nature interaction.  We will study this in parallel with new interfaces for musical expression. By juxtaposing indigenous musical knowledge with interactive computer systems, we will explore how interactive technology can contribute to the creation of nature-based instruments.

MUSI 2559A has no prerequisites and is appropriate for non-majors. MUSI 3400 is appropriate for music majors and others who can work at an advanced level.

Session I
Course Dates: 
May 21 to June 16
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10:30 am to 12:45 pm