Curry School of Education Summer Calendar

First Class
Withdrawal Deadline
Last Class
ED-I May 15 May 24 June 1 June 2 June 2
ED-II June 5 June 14 June 22 June 23 June 23
ED-III June 26 July 5 July 13 July 14 July 14
ED-IV July 17 July 26 August 3 August 4 August 4
Registration begins:
April 11- 3rd and 4th year students and graduate students
April 12- 1st and 2nd year students
April 13- Visiting students

May 29 Memorial Day Holiday; No Classes
July 4 Independence Day Holiday: No Classes
July 8 Saturday Exam for Session II; Regular Class Day for Nine Week Session
July 29 M.A. and M.S. theses and Ph.D. dissertations due in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and M.Ed. theses, Ed.D., and Ph.D. dissertations due in the the Curry School of Education
August - TBA Summer degrees conferred (no ceremony)